Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HCNM + Winter + Fashion + Shop

HCNM's blog is out, finally! Hot Chocolate n' Milk is a brand new sweet blog written by me, just a young writer. I have dedicated to blogging already for more than a year and it seems I haven't made any process with my past blogs. I am not the boring type of person, and let me tell you, I love and wish my readers enjoy what they read and see in any blogs I write.
The very first blog post of HCNM will be about fashion. Oh girls, you're going to love it! Keep reading and scrolling down, you wouldn't want to miss the big and exciting news, wouldn't you?

We said good bye to November 4 days ago and we have welcomed December, hot chocolate, cozy sweaters and a bunch of fun things to do in winter. I'm going to kick it off with this lovely and stylish outfit perfect for the cold days. I hope you will fall in love with it as much as I did!

This is a must-have outfit to stay warm in winter. It's cozy yet modern and stylish! Unless you didn't know, studded clothes and accessories are a top trend now. Style your clothing with gold/ silver studs and you will rock your outfit!


TOPSHOP Studded Biker Jacket
H&M Powder Tube Scarf
RIVER ISLAND Black Cross Studded Earrings
RIVER ISLAND Teal Molly Jeggings
H&M Top
NEW LOOK Black Studded Boot Wedges

Oh dear, you might get a little excited just right now because I brought to you some huge news for you to get excited about. First of all, the photo above featuring an amazing style, comes from a real magazine article (Winter Top Trends for YOUNG MAG). The article is categorized in the fashion section of the magazine and fashion lovers will fall in love with this section, how not?
Every month YOUNG MAG shows off their faves, including amazing must-try outfits to dribble at. 

YOUNG MAG's first issue will release on January 2013, and we can't wait any longer! Meanwhile as I am part of the YOUNG MAG team, I will spoil you with little sweet tips on popular topics, faves to love and anything I and the team love. 
Keep calm and read on, because HOT CHOCOLATE N' MILK is partnering up with YOUNG MAG to bring you brand new articles and other sweet stuff!

Before I leave my blog spot for a while, let met introduce you to S Creative Studio, my very first (and real) small design business. I create, design and think... even way too much at times! You can find design related stuff for both business and personal use. Some of my creations/ designs include handwritten fonts, pre-made logos and Photoshop actions. Stop by my studio and online shop here.


PS: Sorry! Not a native English speaker, unfortunatley, and I make mistakes! Hopefully, HOT CHOCOLATE N' MILK will help me out and take care of my English writing skills :)

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